This is the official website for Jack Gunthridge and all of the products he releases through Jack Gunthridge Studios.

Although the idea for Jack Gunthridge Studios was there when Jack was in middle school, he didn’t exactly start to use the studio until around 2000, when he produced a few short films. During that time, it was officially called Jack Gunthridge Productions and focused on film and TV productions.

In 2008, Jack started to write books based on his screenplays.  This is how Life was released as a novella  before it was expanded.  After he saw his books were more financially successful than his movies, he started to write more books.

Instead of having various companies like Jack Gunthridge Publishing and Jack Gunthridge Productions, Jack consolidated all of his artistic efforts under the single umbrella of Jack Gunthridge Studios, LLC.  This became a legally existing company at the beginning of 2013.

Mission and Goals

Jack Gunthridge Studios, LLC is an independently owned and operated company.  Its sole purpose is to create artistic works, whether they achieve commercial success or critical acclaim.  Jack understands his works have a habit of being praised or condemned.  It is more important for him to try something new and have it be considered a failure than for him to please an audience based on what he thinks people want.

Jack’s influences are varied.  He is going to blend artistic mediums, thoughts, and theories.  He grew up with an interest in the visual arts.  He went to college for Art History and Film Studies.  As a child, he would zone out while listening to music.  When it comes to his books, they are going to be having film and television influences as well as a certain lyrical quality that comes from music.

Jack Gunthridge also has a high functioning form of autism, which used to be known as Asperger’s Syndrome.  Now it is just on the autism spectrum.  Jack knows he is going to be slightly different.  He has a habit of offending people. He can be compared to J.D. Salinger, except better, but he also has the inherent potential of turning people off to his works and making them disgusted.

Being different is not a bad thing.  At Jack Gunthridge Studios, Jack is leading the company with the philosophy that sometimes something different is considered a failure when it first comes out because the audience hasn’t caught up with the artist yet.  Jack is not afraid of his works failing.  Maybe he was a little bit ahead of the curve on public appeal.  And maybe he did produce a piece of crap.  He is just not willing to let the fear of failure stop him from trying something new.  The possibility of changing the world or making a difference in somebody’s life is more important to him than the possibility of a negative review.

Jack creates from the perspective that the work reflects who he is, what he was feeling, or what he was observing at the time it was created.  He has every intention of growing and changing as an artist.  There will never be a rejection of any of the works he has created.  His works will always be a thought, idea, or expression of a moment in time.  While audiences should expect a certain amount of artistic similarity among his works, Jack also wants his audience to know he is going to be continuing to grow and change as an artist.  It is normal for him to write an erotic short story and then to write and illustrate a children’s story.

And here is the ultimate promise from Jack Gunthridge Studios, LLC.

Jack Gunthridge Studios, LLC and Jack Gunthridge will continue to produce and release works that they feel need to be released.  They have no desire to follow public trends or to give audiences what some statistician believes will sell.  All of the works created will be true to Jack Gunthridge as a person and what he sees in the world around him.

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